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Isle of Harris Hotel, Self Catering and Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Harris HotelIsle of Harris: The Isle of Harris is a small island in the Outer Hebrides (Western Isles) of Scotland (just off the West coast). The island has a rich, colourful, and sometimes turbulent, past which has, surprisingly, helped shape modern Scotland. Once part of the Kingdom of Man (Norway) the islands only became part of Scotland a few hundred years ago. If you are planning a vacation to the Isle of Harris, or anywhere else in the Outer Hebrides we hope that you find this site useful. We primarily offer information about Harris hotels, guest houses, lodges, bunkhouses and other accommodation including blackhouse self catering accommodation.

Isle of Harris - Accommodation (Blackhouse)A blackhouse is a small traditional building, rather like a cottage, with thick stone walls and a thatch roof. The blackhouse is very popular with those visitors to Harris who want to experience the island’s past however today’s blackhouses are fitted with all the modern luxuries we all take so much for granted. The Hebridean was very proud of his blackhouse, when a set of new modern houses were built for the inhabitants of Hirta in St Kilda they were built to very high standards. However, much to the dimay of all concerned, one very old lady loved her home so much that she refused to move. Some blackhouses were inhabited until as late as the 1960’s and today there exists a small number which have been fully modernised and we list one which is available to rent self catering (pictured right, click to view a larger).

Isle of Harris: Scarista BeachThe Isle of Harris has some of the finest beaches to be found in the whole of Europe. Some, such as Scarista (shown left, click to enlarge), are extremely popular but can, very often, be enjoyed in solitude. The sandy beaches are some of the cleanest, least spoiled in the world. We hope that, by visiting our site, you will be encouraged to take a vacation on the Isle of Harris soon. We would also hope that you find our site useful in your search for hotel and bed & breakfast accommodation. All B&B’s on Harris offer excellent service and the staff are always willing to help you make the very most of your holiday here. We look forward to seeing you here soon.

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